Quaker Dialogs

George Fox
George Fox

Quaker Dialogs has been offered in the past as Quakerism 101 by J.W. Spear in a series of seven sessions.

J.W. has previously offered the course according to the following schedule:
• December 9 and 16, 2012
• January 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2013
• February 3, 10, 17, and 24, 2013
Each session was one hour, from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. and was held at our meetinghouse.

The title of this program, Quaker Dialogs, is a re-branding of the Quakerism 101 curriculum in an attempt to signal that the approach is meant to be discussion rather than lecture. The program is designed for seekers of all levels of the Quaker experience. from 'Newcomer' through 'Weighty Friend'.

Each of the following topics will be presented in a stand-alone format, enabling interested individuals to attend any one or more sessions with out feeling behind or not understanding the material presented.

Those present for the first session will determine exactly how the topics will be spread across the days of the sessions. The schedule will be published in our weekly Announcements after the first session and each week thereafter. However, it is strongly suggested that interested individuals plan on attending as many sessions as possible, after all 'we are what we were then' and understanding from whence we came is grounding for understanding where we might be going.

Session 1Seekers And Finders: Experience Of Early Friends Many among the first generation of Friends sought a spiritual home for years before they found what they were seeking and joined with Friends. What did they discover? What galvanized them to worship and witness in the face of persecution and hardship? What does their experience say to us today?

Session 2The Light Within An exploration of this most basic Quaker concept. What do Friends mean by the Inner Light? What is that of God in everyone? How is the Light like a searchlight? How do you experience the Light in your own life, now?

Session 3Quaker Universalism What do Friends believe about Jesus Christ? Can Quakers be both Christian and universalist? What is the Light of Christ Within? How do Friends respond to traditional Church teachings on salvation, atonement, etc.? How do you relate to Jesus?

Session 4Worship And Ministry What do you do in Meeting for Worship? How do you know if you are being led to speak? What is a leading? What is a gathered Meeting? How can Friends help (or hurt) the Meeting for Worship?

Session 5Living In The Light: Quaker Witness What is a concern? Have you ever felt led to take action? What did you do? The role of a clearness committee. What is a testimony? How do you understand Friends' testimonies today?

Session 6Getting Down To Business How does a Friends' Meeting for Business work? Why do some Friends call it the Meeting for Worship for Business? What is Quaker unity? How does a sense of the Meeting differ from consensus? The roles of clerk and recording clerk. What you can do to nurture (or undermine) your Meeting for Business.

Session 7Picking Up The Pieces A time for addressing unanswered questions, answers that need to be readdresses and all of the bits and pieces that are scattered about in focused 6-week introduction to what could be new and rather radical ideas,

Course materials can be downloaded below. They are offered as Adobe PDF files. To read them you will need Adobe Reader, a free software program. If your computer doesn't have Adobe Reader installed (most do) you can download this software from the Adobe website.

Many of the readings are from Howard Brinton’s Friends for 350 Years. Full text source of the readings are available from the FGC Bookstore, www.quakerbooks.org.

Reading the materials and their sources at sometime in your Quaker Career is recommended. If you would like a beginning Friendly Library, there is a book list and course outline as a part of the first session download.

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