The No Child Left Behind Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, permit military recruiters to ask for student “directory” information - which often includes student names, addresses, and phone numbers - from schools that keep it. Even if schools don’t have “directory” information, military recruiters can ask high schools to make lists of students’ names, addresses and telephone numbers.

The law says that parents and students can “opt out.” This means that parents and students can tell schools (in writing) NOT to include their private information in a directory and NOT to give students name, addresses and phone numbers to military (or college) recruiters. The school has to give families the chance to “opt out” BEFORE it turns information over to recruiters.

If you are a student and wish to opt-out of your school's paricipation in providing military recruiters with your information, you can use this form:

For more information about military recruiting in schools, visit these links:

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