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Sunday Worship Also Available Online

For those unable to attend worship in-person, the Milwaukee Friends Meeting offers the opportunity to worship with us remotely. If you are interested in attending the online Sunday Meeting for Worship, please contact:

Milwaukee Friends Meeting COVID Protocols

March 11, 2022:
Most major COVID trends are in a downward trajectory in Milwaukee and the state.  Cases among Wisconsin children are the lowest seen since mid 2021.  That said, the CDC advises that the “risk of death from COVID-19 increases with age and underlying medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, dementia, and obesity, particularly if you’re not up to date on vaccinations. People with weakened immune systems,* some disabilities, some mental health conditions, and some chronic diseases are also at higher risk. A lot of people might not know they’re at risk for severe illness—review the list to find out if you could be.

Graphic and explanation courtesy of Mike Soika.

White Privilege Black Lives Matter Statement 6-26-2020

Members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) believe that there is that of God in every person.  Through the centuries we have experienced God (the Light, Spirit, Love) leading us to act corporately and individually for peace and justice and against oppression, racism, injustice and violence. We continue to seek divine guidance. 

We of Milwaukee Friends Meeting grieve for the loss of precious lives, and we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement. To people of color everywhere, we acknowledge your pain, frustration and exhaustion.  We acknowledge your spirit, courage, and leadership.

We commit ourselves anew to this work by examining white privilege in our own lives and joining with others to end systemic racism in our community and across the nation.